WavesRewards is an exclusive program which combines a cash card + points program in one slim package. Simply register your WavesRewards Card online and get ready to reap the benefits. Use your card as cash at any Waves store in BC or Alberta to make purchases and you'll accumulate points on everything you buy – food, drink or merchandise. Use these points to #RideTheWaves.

Login + Check Balance

1, 2, 3 to free rewards!


Create your WavesRewards Account online by filling out the information in the form part of the next section.

This allows you to easily check your points and cash balances, add a password, report lost card.


Register your card.

When you register your WavesReward card you’ll be prompted with 2 options:

  1. Add the card as Loyalty Card: This allows your card to function as cash card and you can collect points off this card to put towards rewards.
  2. Add the card as a Gift Card: This allows your card to work simply as a cash card which can be presented at our counters to purchase beverages, food, and Waves merchandise.

*You can register multiple “Gift Cards” but can only register one “Loyalty Card” per email address.


Use your card and earn rewards.

Registering your WavesRewards as a Loyalty Card means you get points for every purchase you make as long as the card is present at time of purchase. Use these points to redeem [insert rewards here]

Here are other benefits of registering your card as a Loyalty Card:

  • Receive 5000 points = $2.50  upon registration, that’s a free coffee on us!
  • Collect and redeem points for more than just drinks. You also get points for buying food and merchandise
  • Check your up-to-date points and cash balances online (Note: to see card activity and points balance, you need to create a WavesRewards account. See above on how to register.)
  • Be sure to send your mailing address get a surprise free beverage because that’s #TheWavesWay.
  • Receive special offers, discounts, prizes, and bonus points throughout the year
  • Be automatically entered into promotions and grand prize giveaways

How to Create an Account

To create your WavesRewards account, simply fill out the required fields below. Once you’ve create your Account, you can register your WavesRewards Card to start earning points.

Questions? Contact rewards@wavescoffee.ca.

Thanks for becoming a WavesRewards member! Get ready to #RideTheWaves to free Waves rewards.

Mandatory fields below are marked with an asterisk (*).

waves points chart wavesrewards


Every purchase you make at Waves results in 5% redeemable WavesRewards Points. It’s that simple!

Be sure to keep an eye out for WavesRewards Bonus events, when you can earn extra points for your purchases. #TheWavesWay

You Spent
Rewards Value
$1.00 100 $0.05
$10.00 1000 $0.50
$25.00 2500 $1.25
$50.00 5000 $2.50
$100.00 10000  $5.00

Frequently Asked questions

Waves Rewards members get more! Be the first to be notified on loyalty incentives, promotions, track transactions, giveaways and so much more! There is no need to keep a balance on your Rewards cards to collect points. You will earn reward points for every dollar you spend, on anything you purchase in store.

Where can I register my WavesRewards Card?

Create your account at www.wavescoffee.com/rewards and register your card to accumulate points!

When can I start earning points with my WavesRewards Card?

You can start earning points as soon as your card has been registered.

Should I register my WavesRewards Card as a Loyalty Card or a Gift Card?

There are multiple ways to use your WavesRewards card.

  1. Use your WavesRewards card as a loyalty card to collect and redeem points towards the purchase of any Waves Coffee item(s) in store. *You can only register one Loyalty Card under one email address.
  2. Register your WavesReward card and keep a cash balance to use one card to collect points when purchasing your favourite Waves items.
  3. Register your card as a Gift Card, to give as a present or for yourself. Registered Gift Cards are strictly a Cash Card and will not accumulate points. *You can register multiple Gift Cards under one email address and transfer balances if your card is lost or stolen.
Does my WavesRewards Card have to be present at time of purchase?

Yes, your card must be present at time of purchase. Waves will not apply points at a later time or date.

Can I transfer funds/points balance from one WavesRewards Card to another?

Yes, you can transfer funds/points balance from one WavesRewards Card to another by emailing rewards@wavescoffee.ca. To expedite your request, include the following information:

  • First Name, Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Card Numbers
  • PINs
I'm told my Card is inactive. What should I do? Have you create an online account and register your WavesRewards Card?

Keep your receipt and notify rewards@wavescoffee.ca. Include the following in your email:

  • First Name, Last Name
  • Photo of receipt
  • Email Address
  • Card Number
  • PIN
How do I report a WavesRewards Card lost or stolen?

WavesRewards cards with a cash balance are like cash, Waves Coffee is not liable to replace monetary value from stolen cards. To report lost or stolen cards email rewards@wavescoffee.ca.You will need to confirm your mailing address and a new card will be mailed to you.