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What to Consider When Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Good coffee is simple if you brew it effectively. At Waves we believe in the combination of the below elements to create the “Perfect Cup:”

Fresh Grind:

Coffee loses flavour when exposed to oxygen. Grinding increases the surface area of coffee, so it is exposed to more oxygen. Grind immediately before brewing, not before for the best flavour extraction.

Correct Coarseness:

Coffee’s coarseness or fineness should be depends on the method being used. Espresso uses a fine grind while a French press uses a very coarse grind. Check our specific brewing instructions for your method. If you don’t see your equipment here, feel free to get in touch! We would love to help you find the best way to brew.

Clean Water:

Brewed coffee is mostly water so it’s important that the water is of quality grade.

Clean Equipment:

Coffee oil is full of flavour, good flavour when it’s fresh and poor flavour when it’s expired. Maintaining clean equipment will protect your good taste, as well as prolong the life of your equipment.

Correct Ratio of Coffee to Water:

A general rule of thumb is 2 tablespoons (14 grams) per 8 oz (1 cup) of water. This amount can be adjusted based on your preference. Certain methods (such as pour over or espresso) have higher recommended ratios.

Correct Brewing Time:

The water coffee contact time (WCCT for short!) is critical for proper extraction. Espresso, for example, takes around 19 seconds to brew 2 oz, where a French press takes 4 minutes. This is one reason why the coarseness is different per method. The less time it takes, the finer the grind so there is more surface area. Again, this is specific to each method, so check with your favourite method for the recommended brew time!