If You Live in Vancouver, You Live for The Specialized Coffee Shop Experience

Vancouverites know and love their coffee – it’s a staple here in the city where rain boots are more than a fashion accessory (they’re a necessity). That’s why getting to know your coffee style is like unlocking the key to your identity.

Your choice of caffeinated beverage says a lot about who you are. Today, we’re going to take a deep dive into the world of this phenomenon that has taken over like a zombie apocalypse – specialty drinks.

By now, most coffee shops in Vancouver (and the rest of the world for that matter) should be masters of this fine-tuned art form – concocting colourful, flavourful and most importantly, addictively potent pick-me-ups to suit any appetite, taste or budget. And here’s the thing – these drinks aren’t exclusive to the coffee bean. Let’s not forget our trendy tea leaf – the fashion and passion for tea has reached an all-time high. Move over Brits – we own the tea game now!

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times – caffeine often serves as the undercurrent of our professional and personal lives and triumphs. There’s a reason its popularity and variety has extended far beyond espresso and brew-based delicacies like coffee and tea.

Classics that show up everywhere – from franchise favourites to boutique Vancouver coffee shops – include the cappuccino, the latte and the London fog. These fan favourites never go out of style and have maintained their status for decades. But the new guys in town have opened the doors to diverse demographics of coffee drinkers. What are your tastes? THAT is the question.

Health conscious? Try our Beetroot Latte. Winter jacket a little too warm? Cool down with our Turmeric Frappe. Sometimes though, all we need is sweet, whipped cream and chocolatey decadence to celebrate our inner child, or maybe we really just need to say “forget the calories” – hey, let us live, ok?  Waves’ Maple Macchiato is a personal favourite among Vancouver coffee shop groupies, and let’s not forget, we’re dead centre in the middle of Eggnog Latte Season. These winter essentials are as addictive as they are inviting – perfect for getting into that Christmas spirit. What could be more divine?

When it comes to finding a coffee shop in Vancouver to discover your specialty bevvy, not-so-guilty-pleasures, Waves has got you covered. We have elevated the creation of specialty drinks to a perfect science, pairing the finest ingredients with immeasurable precision, creativity and exquisite taste. We go above and beyond the finishing aesthetics of whipped cream, peppermint sprinkles and chocolate syrup. We don’t just top a speciality drink with perfection, we fill it entirely.