Coffee & Coffee Shop Culture – The Best Brands Don’t Just Sell Beverages, But a Lifestyle

Coffee culture is ever evolving. It is something that the majority of the population has embraced, with countries all around the world displaying a strong market for coffee and the merchandise it inspires. Its popularity never ceases to expand and grow, much like its faithful followers.

The best of the best recognize that there is so much more to selling coffee than just beans and a high-end commercial espresso machine – which is why these coffee shops continue to come out ahead of their competitors. This means placing the utmost value on truly knowing the people who choose your rich, finely roasted brews. What do they like? What stands out to them? What makes them feel like they belong?

The best coffee retailers and shops have figured that out. It’s a specialized and customer-centric industry that has been transformed into a fine-tuned culture of coffee aficionados.

What Started the Revolution of Coffee Culture?

Coffee (or rather the coffee plant) put down its roots and made its first appearance in the ninth century. Ethiopian legend claims that it was discovered by Kaldi, a goat herder who took note of its energizing powers after his goats were unable to fall asleep following the consumption of berries from a certain tree.

Coffee rose to prominence in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, building momentum around the world as a stimulating, aromatic and sought-after beverage – leading the caffeine charge.

The link between coffee shops and socialization has long been established. In earlier centuries, coffee houses were as popular in some parts of the world as they are today, and were commonly accepted as places to connect and catch up on news.

The world we live in now frequently runs on coffee, and the best cafés provide high caliber (and high-test) caffeinated beverages, paired with a welcoming atmosphere that invites you in to enjoy the simple pleasure of sipping on the specialty drink of your choice.

A Home for Coffee Amateurs and Connoisseurs Alike

The best coffee shops appeal to all demographics and levels of coffee knowledge and expertise.

For some, coffee is a simple part of their routine – a way to start the day or boost productivity. For others, coffee is a way of life. A great joy to put much thought and care into. These enthusiasts might sample a different menu item every day, or have their favourite drink customized to their exact specifications after much deliberation and taste-testing. No matter what category you fall into, there’s a home for you – one that is caffeine rich and never too far away.

Atmosphere Can Be as Intoxicating as Aroma

There are a number of things that entice us to visit a coffee shop. Its smell – its menu – its location – its friendly baristas: in other words, its atmosphere. All of these elements conspire to create a heavenly mashup of the senses.

When going for a coffee, we’re looking for a comfortable place to relax and enjoy our bevvie while we connect with a loved one, or pour over that work report. If a café can tick these most important boxes which include products of outstanding quality and flavour, friendly faces, prompt service and an inviting atmosphere; that’s a great recipe for a coffee shop worth visiting every day.

Culture or Cult?

The act of going for, ordering and drinking coffee can be truly addictive – it becomes part of your day and the fabric of who you are. As important a ritual as brushing your teeth, this tradition has achieved cult-like status. Those who practice the religion of Caffeine take their place of worship very seriously. The spot they choose is theirs. It is their holy ground, their promised land – a place to visit alone or in the company of friends and family.

If you’ve ever had the privilege of playing tour guide, you’ll know that a favourite pastime is bringing your guest(s) to the best coffee shop you know. Your “local spot”. We just love to boast and brag about their incredible cappuccinos and those fresh-baked liege waffles that are to die for. “Just trust us”, we say.

When it comes to coffee cults, *ahem* I mean culture, we swear by our beloved cafés.

There are many ways to enjoy our coffee, and even more ways to show our commitment to it. Coffee loyalists will attest to the joy brought by sharing their love for caffeinated beverages with others who are just like them.

The beginning of coffee created a catalyst for a longstanding culture – one that isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.