“Coffee (and Community) Near Me”

A Place to Go On-the-Go – A Place to Break Bread (Just Like Home)

“Wave [Weyv] (verb; to wave) – the movement of the hand to say hello.”

These days, community and a friendly face can be hard to find, and even harder to connect with. In our current climate of compromised health and welfare, there are few places that leave us feeling seen, known, cared for and at home. Humans are social. They crave connection, interaction, acceptance and the ability to find common ground with one another. Over the years, neighbourhood coffee houses have come to play a huge role in that dynamic. They offer shelter from the elements; along with a place to break bread, sip on personalized speciality beverages and connect (to more than just the wifi!) These are some of the things we look for in our search for “coffee near me”.

Community (and Coffee) – Not Just a Word

Community and coffee go hand-in-hand (or in this case, cup-in-hand!) Cafés are for everyone – those who desire a quick and friendly exchange; or a quiet corner to relax, take in the sights and people-watch over a warm and tasty treat.

They’re also a place to meet colleagues. A place to study with friends. A place to make up for lost time. A place to make new friends. When you consider all of the major (and minor) life events that occur in a coffee shop, it’s hard to imagine a world without this community-based industry-turned-culture. We are the backdrop to peoples’ lives.

That time you received your university acceptance letter…the time you bought your first home…the time you learned you’d soon become a family of three. So many of these beautiful milestones are shared with loved ones over a cup of coffee.

Humans are hardwired to communicate – to interchange thoughts and feelings. Coffee frequently serves as the fuel, the setting and often the reason for these conversations to take place. It has become, in and of itself, a worldwide phenomenon. A culture of closeness and a purveyor of human relationships. Coffee, and the places that serve it, are here to stay.

“Where Everybody Knows Your Name”

What do we appreciate the most about our neighbourhood café (aside from the fine speciality beverages, delicacies and welcoming environment)? Well…

Since the days of “Cheers”, “Friends” and “Seinfeld” (to name a few), we’ve all been enamoured with that neighbourhood establishment – you know the one – where you can walk in and be greeted by someone who knows you, and your order. They might ask how the new job is going, or how your fur-baby is doing. Either way – they remember you. And that can make anyone’s day.

In today’s world especially, many people are prioritizing mental health and wellness. The world is undergoing a health crisis – and isolation, literally and figuratively – is a product of that. Many of those who are particularly vulnerable to feeling the impacts of these changes – are seeking out ways to support their mental wellbeing in simple, everyday activities. This might include going for a walk, finally getting around to opening that novel, or dropping in to your neighbourhood café for a cappuccino and a little conversation with the folks who know you by name. That place where familiarity is a cornerstone of the experience – or what we like to call “The Coffee Experience”.

A Place to Get Warm

Whether you’re seeking refuge from the relentless rain of Vancouver or the frigid winters of Calgary, Waves Coffee House offers just that. A place to get warm. A place to recharge – both your spirit and your phone!

For those whose daily commute is predominantly transit-based, a pit stop at the coffee shop can provide you with an opportunity to pull off the gloves, shake off the rain (or snow) and warm yourself from the inside out with a beautifully crafted hot beverage. And as a bonus, if you need that extra kick to help propel you to your final destination (or world domination), trust caffeine to get you going.

Let’s face it – at the end of the day, a safe port in a storm is something we can all use from time to time. And there’s something particularly heartwarming about seeing your follow nine-to-fivers taking cover under the same roof – latte in hand.

Life and work can be a grind – but there’s true community in going through it together.

We at Waves are committed to providing a place to convene with friends, family, acquaintances or familiar faces over a beverage made with exceptional, quality ingredients – with a side of “small-town” hospitality.

“Coffee near me” never felt so close.