A Nearby Specialty Coffee Shop Sweetens The Remote Working Experience

Remote working has never been more prevalent and necessary than it is today. Countless business professionals have set up their homes to function as a makeshift office space that can measure up to the one the left behind. Although there are many perks to this setup, there are certainly challenges facing remote workers.

Aside from the obvious issues i.e. a lack of space, privacy and an environment conducive to productivity, one of the most common complaints seems to be “The Coffee Dilemma.”

Define Dilemma….

“The Coffee Dilemma” stems from the nagging absence of that gourmet espresso-based bliss you look forward to on your commute to the office each day. Most commuters know exactly what we’re talking about. This daily ritual is more than just a productivity kick-starter. It’s an activity worth getting up for. It’s that that intoxicatingly aromatic fuel that fires you up and creates the landscape for your day, whether work-filled or not.

For those who are now robbed of that small but uplifting part of their daily routine – the one that paves the way for momentum, creativity and focus – a nearby coffee shop like Waves can feed that craving, literally and figuratively.

Close to Home – And The Heart

At Waves, we proudly fill that role in our neighbourhoods, providing unparalleled specialty beverages, prepared with quality ingredients, by the best of the best. And let’s face it, part of that morning routine that you’ve become accustomed to isn’t just about the beans – it’s the conversation and the comfort zone.

Remote working, while convenient, can be isolating. Our beloved Waves baristas aren’t just trained in the art of espresso. They have a way of reminding you that there’s still a world beyond your home office confines. Baristas can put a smile back on your face – or maybe even double as your life coach/therapist on-the-go. In assessing your home office working conditions (whether substandard or state-of-the-art), nothing can truly replace the advantages of a nearby gourmet café.

When choosing a nearby coffee shop – and we know there are many – there’s more to consider than just the wifi, the beverage selection and ample parking. A truly great café will tick all the boxes, including an impressive and varied food menu – effectively killing two birds with one stone. When you’re too busy to whip up a satisfactory breakfast and time doesn’t allow for two stops, a nearby coffee shop has the power to save the day. The best part about Waves is that your breakfast won’t just function as your food fuel, it will be an utterly satisfying, palate-pleasing part of your day. Don’t believe us? Just check our menu (and thank us later).

We’ve had to make some concessions in our transition to remote working. Yes, we miss the social aspect of the office. Yes, we miss the structure, the support and, ok, the good furniture – but enough is enough. We will fight for our right to indulge in fresh-baked brownies and sip on something more than store-bought home brew.