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To wave is a simple gesture which invites connection.

When was the last time you genuinely connected with something or someone? Chances are it was far too long ago. We set out to create a place where friends, family, and strangers could feel good coming together as a community. Waves Coffee invites you to connect with each other, a good cup of coffee, or something you’ve long forgotten. This is the sentiment and the origin behind our name.

Waves Coffee

What sets us apart

At Waves, we take two things very seriously: coffee and chocolate. This is why we source and use only the best coffee beans available; 100% Specialty Grade beans purchased directly from small lot farmers. We blend our top quality coffee beans together with real Belgian chocolate (powder, be gone.) The result is a flavourful mocha that is second-to-none.

Waves is committed to providing a fresh and wide variety of sandwiches, wraps, soups and seasonal pastries. Pair our locally-sourced coffee and chocolate beverages with our fresh food menu for an elevated coffee-shop culinary experience.

Top it off with our unique set of offerings like a robust selection of rooibos drinks, free meeting rooms and consistently gracious team members. It’s these elements and more that make Waves an intimate and locally-conscious answer to the replicated atmosphere of multinational coffee giants.

  • Waves Coffee House
  • Waves Coffee House
  • Waves Coffee House
  • Waves Coffee House

The quest for the perfect cup

From our hands to yours, we strive to make every cup of coffee we serve “The Perfect Cup.” The quest begins where it naturally should, at home with our farmers. The farmers we work with subscribe to sustainable farming practices and the quality of every shipment is carefully evaluated to ensure only the best beans make the trip. The beans we use are 100% Specialty Grade which is the top classification of Arabica beans and represents approximately 5% of the world’s coffee production. No expense is spared to ensure our coffee is consistent, smooth and delicious!

Once these beans make it to Waves Coffee they are met by talented baristas who blend technical suaveness with art to present each and every cup with love to our valued customers. Each of our baristas follows a detailed set of standards from storage to handling to brewing and extraction techniques. By the time your Waves coffee reaches your hands it’s been in the crafting for several months.

All of this may sound like a lengthy explanation but there are no shortcuts to “The Perfect Cup.”

Our roots

Founded in 2005 at Hastings and Richards Street in downtown Vancouver, Waves has been blazing the trail for with superbly fresh brewed coffee, a commitment to local craftsmanship and community, and incomparable service.

In 2008, we were recognized by the Brand Coaches as the “Hottest Brand in Canada”. We have also been recognized as the “Best of Brands” by over 1,500 coffee retailers.

Today there are 26 Waves across British Columbia and Alberta and with more to come you’ll be sure to ride the Waves with us sometime soon!

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From meeting rooms and catering to gift cards and rewards, Waves is your place to connect.

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